6:30 pm at the theatre

Directed by Doug Dickey

The non-stop hilarity of this Southern-fried farce highlights one day in the life of the Wilburn family of Mayhew, Arkansas. Meet D. Gene Wilburn, the owner and proprietor of theReel ‘Em Inn, the finest little fishing lodge in the Ozarks. 

Well, it used to be, but lately business is down, tourists are few, and the lone guest who’s just checked in—an extremely jittery Carmine DeLuca—is there only because of Witness Protection Program. Doesn’t anybody just want to fish anymore? Certainly not D. Gene’s frustrated wife, Wanelle, who’s fed up with their lackluster romantic life and has taken drastic steps to improve it.  

D. Gene’s feisty sister Maxie has her own problems that include facing forced retirement from the police department only to be brought back to keep Carmine DeLuca alive through the weekend—a task that’s going to prove to be harder than she thought.  And she never anticipated that the gangster DeLuca’s been dodging for the last five years, Sonny Barbosa, is about to walk through the door in hot pursuit of his sexy wife, Lola, who has driven across two states to the lodge chasing her boytoy, the Wilburn’s son Ty. But Lola meets her match in Ty’s seemingly innocent girlfriend, Jenna, whose patience has reached the breaking point after months of waiting for Ty to come home. In the deliciously funny romp that ensues, they all hide, lie, disguise themselves, and slam doors chasing one another while trying to figure out the source of an increasingly awful stench that seems to have drawn critters and carnivores from miles around. 

Director Doug Dickey is looking for a cast of four (4) men and five (5) women to portray characters ages 30 through 65. If you would like to see audition pages, just call the theatre at 417-358-4300; if you leave a voice mail, please include your email address.

Farce of Nature will have six performances running March 20-22 and March 27-29.